Mechanical Specifications

Boom Arm Length:5-7m as standard
Boom Arm Height:Adjustable - 1100mm to 1300 mm
Boom Arm Material:Boom Arm Material:
Size of Base:1330mm x 1460mm
Weight: 800 Kg total – Steel reinforced Concrete Base
Adjustability:Fully adjustable; Suitable for uneven terrain
Allowable Cycle Rate:400 Operations per 24-hours

Electrical Specifications

Solar Panel:2 x solar panels (rotatable through 360 degrees) and
2 x deep cycle batteries are standard.
Power Isolation switch:Standard on all gates
Mains Power Option:solar or mains powered option

Control System Specifications 

Range: 50m as standard
Up to 300m with booster
Access Control:2 x 2 channel remotes as standard.
Hardwired as standard

Safety Specifications

Lights: Fitted with flashing LED strip lights as standard
Flashing beacons or Traffic lights available upon request
Power Isolation switch:Standard on all gates

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